You’d think that buying a nail fungus topical would be simpleT yet it involves many choices and considerations you may not even be aware of. The most important thing to consider above all else is whether a formula is going to improve the nail’s appearance while also helping you to fight nail fungus.

There are numerous types of topical formulas available for nail fungus. They don’t all act in the same way and they don’t all have the same results among users.

Once you know the type of treatment you want, focus on getting the best deal and the right quantity for your level of severity. Our nail fungus topical treatment comparison can help you see surveyed experiences of products from users.

Below You’ll Find Factors We’ve Found Important In Combating of Nail Fungus

Penetrating The Nail Plate

One reason it can be so tough to combat nail fungus, could be the keratin barrier that acts as a protectorate against anti-fungals. Keratin penetration may be a main factor in getting rid of nail fungus. The hard surface of the nail, called keratin, seems to be a main inhibiting factor of a topical formula being successful. Anti-fungals on their own vary on how well they can penetrate the nail. It may be beneficial to remove a few layers of keratin before applying an anti-fungal.

Reducing the keratin layer may be an important factor in fighting fungus. Consider products that feature a keratin removal component before directly fighting fungus.
Anti-fungal Ingredients

There are many different types of anti-fungals. None of these anti-fungals are necessarily equal in their effectiveness at alleviating nail fungus.

Some anti-fungal ingredients are meant for different types of fungi. Nail fungus is particularly stubborn because of its placement in or below the keratin (nail plate) layer of the nail.

To answer the question of what will work for you we use user surveys on each nail fungus product.

Not all anti-fungals work on every type of fungus. Consider user survey input to help you decide which will help you.
Quality & Quantity

An important consideration in dealing with nail fungus is the quality and quantity of the product. Not sacrificing quality or quantity for price. It is generally preferred by most surveyed users that the product work than to be ineffective and not work. Cost shouldn’t be overburdening and should accurately reflect the quality of the product. When we look at the trait of quantity we consider time, number of applications required, and then price.

In our editor reviews of products, we take user survey experiences along with the price and calculate a score for the product and weight it versus other products.
Treatment Time & Success

One of the most important considerations is success and how long it takes. Success is more important than duration of product use. However product use time is an important consideration because it also seems to correlate to successful outcome. We can theorize that if a product takes longer users are more likely to stop using it as directed. Inconsistent application may delay or even revert fungal infections.

In our comparisons, it is important to note in the user survey the time and more importantly the outcome users had. Realize each individual result is his or her own. Your results may vary.

Treatment Time can vary dramatically between users based on a number of factors including which product is used.
Use & Application Methods

Another important factor is how the product is used. Some products are a simple topical with a brush, cotton, or pen applicator. Others use bandages, some require nail filing, yet others recommend it but don’t require it.

Applicators and assistive tools may help with getting rid of nail fungus. You may want to consider an all-inclusive package.

Getting the right nail fungus package can be tricky with so many different factors to consider. This guide should make it easier to note some of the more important things to look for. Use our nail fungus comparison to help you find a treatment regimen that suites you and is measured against user survey feedback with an expert editor’s opinion to help you achieve fungal free nails.

There are numerous considerations when choosing which nail fungus formula. Use the comparison page and see our top recommended products.